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Sousa & Minogue, LLC ◦ Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Lawyers ◦ Results And Testimonials

Repeated successes regularly bring new clients to the doors of the personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm of Sousa & Minogue, LLC. The results and testimonials recorded below speak to our effectiveness in helping injured workers obtain the maximum available benefits, awards and settlements to which they are eligible.

To schedule a free initial consultation after a serious workplace injury — either a traumatic event or the onset of a work-related repetitive stress disorder — contact us.

Our personal injury attorneys have helped recover tens of millions of dollars for injured UPS truck drivers, construction workers and other Connecticut employees who have been hurt at work.

Clients of the workers’ compensation and personal injury law firm Sousa & Minogue, LLC, come to us from all walks of life. Blue collar workers, UPS truck drivers, construction workers, police officers, firefighters and professionals alike rely on the experience and dedication of the attorneys of Sousa & Minogue, LLC, to help them obtain the income replacement they need when they are no longer able to work after a jobsite injury.

Learn more about what our clients are saying about us:

After being badly injured in a motor vehicle accident, I was referred to Attorney Robert Sousa by a family member and was very pleased with the results. At such an uncertain time in my life, I didn’t have to worry about anything except to focus on recovering from my injuries as he and his staff took care of the legal aspects of the case and dealing with the insurance company. His office was very sympathetic to my needs and provided me with very professional yet courteous and compassionate care at all times throughout my case.

-Cecilia M.

Attorney Sousa has represented me with respect to two motor vehicle accidents I have been involved in over the last couple of years. I can tell you that being involved in a car crash, no matter how big or small the collision may be, can be a very confusing and stressful time. I always felt very comfortable and reassured by Attorney Sousa and his firm as they paid attention to every detail of my case, always returned my calls, answered any questions I had and explained things to me in simple terms. I am grateful for the support they provided me during these times.

-Bruce B.

I have known Attorney Sousa for a few years as he has handled my two cases when I slipped and fell injuring myself. I was always made to feel welcome in his office and if Attorney Sousa was not available, his paralegals were always there to answer any questions. It was convenient for me that he was local, as I liked the feel of a small town law firm and the personal attention I received any time I called or stopped by.

-Bruno Z.

Attorney Sousa is a great guy and I can’t thank him enough for what he and his firm have done for me. I was a little intimidated to seek legal help as I had never been involved in an accident before, but was so happy to find a good and honest lawyer in town to fight for me after being seriously injured in a car accident. By working hard and recovering a settlement for me, he helped make things brighter for me in spite of the injuries and pain that I went through. I appreciate all his help, time and effort.

-Diana and Bob S.

I went to the law firm of Sousa & Minogue, LLC due to injuries I sustained during the course of my employment. It was not a million dollar case, but I was treated like it was. From the first day to the last I received personal contact that was always helpful, polite, and informative. I immediately felt comfortable and trusted the personal, but still very professional firm. I felt that my case was always a priority to the staff of Sousa & Minogue, LLC.

-Christopher B.

I can’t thank Attorney Sousa enough for what you have done for me. I am so grateful that I had you helping me with this most difficult time of my life. You were always there for me no matter what and I deeply appreciate it.

-Angela T.

When I injured my back at work my employer denied that my injury occurred at work. Because of this they would not pay me disability benefits and pay for my doctors’ bills. Since my back injury was so serious that it required surgery I could not work. My not having a pay check placed my family in a bad situation. I was referred to Robert Sousa and retained Attorney Sousa to represent me. He explained I did not have to pay him anything unless he obtained money on my behalf. Attorney Sousa was able to get the insurance carrier to accept my case, pay for all my medical treatment and pay me for all the benefits they owed me retroactively and weekly.

Although many of the issues in my case were complex, Attorney Sousa constantly met with me to explain what was going on with my case. He answered all my questions. Without the legal assistance I received from Robert Sousa, I do not know where my family would be today.

– Alfred S.

The law firm of Sousa & Minogue, LLC, has represented me in my worker’s compensation claim as a result of injuries to my neck, back, shoulders and knees that I sustained while working as a truck driver for United Parcel Service. As a result of my injuries I was out on worker’s compensation for over six years and a number of times the insurance carrier tried to stop my benefits, but through the efforts of Attorney Sousa they were not successful. Additionally, over the years the insurance carrier contested medical treatment my doctors recommended. Again, Attorney Sousa fought for me and made sure my doctors were able to treat my injuries as they deemed appropriate. Finally, when it became obvious that I would not be able to return to work, Attorney Sousa negotiated a settlement of my claim that allowed me to retire and not have to worry about my financial future. Attorney Sousa has represented dozens of my fellow UPS employees. If you are injured at work, call Robert Sousa. Like me, I am sure you will be happy you did.

– George B.

Around six years ago my wife and I were going through some severe medical conditions which were attributed to work-related injuries. We had no money coming in and things were beginning to get pretty hectic. I didn’t know what to do. An attorney representing us at the time kept assuring my wife and me that things would be ok, but he wasn’t doing his job. After talking with a friend of mine and telling him what my situation was he suggested I give Attorney Sousa a call.

After meeting with Attorney Sousa I realized that what was happening to us could be dealt with in a different manner. Attorney Sousa outlined a plan for us and said he could help us. He had a complete understanding of the worker’s compensation laws in CT. My wife and I agreed to fire our existing attorney and hire attorney Sousa. Once Attorney Sousa got our case files and reviewed our cases he went to work on them. Within a month or so, it became apparent that he knew what he was doing. He was able to get us money and the surgery that I needed.

When I came to Attorney Sousa I was in financial difficulties and had bill collectors chasing me all over the place. He was able to get me the money I needed and the surgery to fix me. I owe my life to Attorney Sousa. He did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone. Attorney Sousa really cares about his clients and is very sympathetic to them. This is really important to me, because he doesn’t look at the bottom line. He looks at how he can help you in a time of need and shows compassion at the same time.

– Robert and Elizabeth S.

I worked at UPS as a package car driver; while working, my truck was struck by another vehicle. The other driver was at fault. I sustained serious injuries, but with the assistance of great doctors and my family I have recovered. However, what I did not understand was that I had rights under the workers’ compensation laws because I was working while I was injured, and I also had the right to bring a claim against the driver of the other vehicle as the accident was due to his negligence.

I retained Attorney Sousa to handle the entire matter. He made sure I received a check each week I was out of work. He made sure my medical bills were paid as well. Finally, he resolved both my workers’ compensation claim and my negligence claim that resulted in my getting a significant settlement, one that has allowed me the financial flexibility to start my own business.

All the guys at UPS know if they’re injured while working and want to protect their job and get the benefits they need to call Bob Sousa.

– Max T.

I have worked at Sikorsky Aircraft for over 32 years. As everyone knows who works there, our jobs are physically demanding and as a result we are often injured in the course of our employment. This is what happened to me. I injured my back while working. However, the insurance company for Sikorsky denied my claim and refused to take responsibility for my injury. Attorney Sousa informed me he believed me when I told him I was injured at work and that we would take it to trial if we had to. That’s exactly what happened. I was thoroughly prepared for the hearing and Attorney Sousa explained the entire process to me. Ultimately we won the case and I received the benefits I was entitled to. Without question, if you are injured at work do yourself a favor and call Attorney Sousa.

– Ruth W.

I retained Attorney Sousa to represent me when I was injured at work. Initially I was concerned that if I pursued a claim I might lose my job. Attorney Sousa explained to me the law protected me from my employer discharging me because I filed a workers’ compensation claim. As it turned out my injury was so significant that I was not able to return to work. Attorney Sousa ensured I received all the workers’ compensation benefits I was entitled to, and also assisted me in obtaining personal disability benefits. Finally, he negotiated a settlement of my case that resulted in a significant award to me. I wish I had never been injured, but that was beyond my control. Retaining Attorney Sousa was a decision I did control, and I am grateful each day that I made the decision to retain Robert Sousa.

– Bruno Z.

I worked for UPS at the Stratford terminal for fifteen (15) years as a package car driver. While working I sustained a number of serious injuries, injuries that required multiple surgeries and caused me to miss a significant time out of work. I retained Attorney Sousa to represent me as he had represented dozens of my co-workers previously. Attorney Sousa sat down with me and explained to me what my rights were and how the process worked. Attorney Sousa made sure I received a check each week and all my medical bills were paid. When it became obvious that my injuries were so severe and I would not be able to return to UPS, he negotiated a significant settlement upon my behalf.

Robert Sousa also represented me in my hearing and successfully obtained those benefits for me. Without any doubt if you’re injured at work you need to call Robert Sousa.

– Brian L.

I was employed by the City of Stamford for over 25 years. During the course of my employment I sustained a serious injury to my back. I retained Attorney Sousa to represent me with respect to my workers’ compensation claim. Attorney Sousa made sure I received all the benefits I was entitled to, including receiving my check each week. As it became clear that I was not going to be able to return to my job with the city, Attorney Sousa also represented me in applying for and obtaining my disability pension from the city. Today, as a result of Attorney Sousa’s efforts, I am receiving my disability pension and I received all my workers’ compensation benefits.

– Ronald C.

Contact an insightful, efficient, and well-respected attorney to schedule a free initial discussion after you have been hurt at work in Connecticut, or after your spouse has lost his or her life in the course of employment.