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Traumatic Work Injuries

By their very nature, construction sites and industrial workplaces are rife with opportunities for employees to be injured. Heavy equipment, use of power tools and lifting heavy objects all often contribute to conditions that culminate in traumatic injuries. Other types of workplaces, such as stores and offices, are also sometimes the scene of serious back and head injuries, burns and broken bones.

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Explore Your Legal Options After You Have Suffered A Temporary Or Permanent Injury At Your Place Of Work

If you or a family member was seriously hurt at work by a falling object, a moving service vehicle such as a forklift or lawnmower, explosion of pressurized valves, or power tools which caused an amputation of finger(s), hand(s) or feet (foot), we will gladly help you explore your legal options.

Were You Seriously Injured On The Job By Power Tools Or Moving Machinery, Or As A Result Of An Electric Shock?

You most likely have a clear-cut workers’ compensation claim if you fell from a ladder or scaffold, were seriously injured by a popcorn machine or meat shredder, or were paralyzed to any degree as a result of electric shock at the site of a water spillage in any type of workplace.

Email or phone the law firm of Sousa & Minogue, LLC, to schedule a free initial consultation about your temporary or permanent injury. There is no risk in talking with our attorneys about your injury, or about your potential prospects for obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, awards or settlements.