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Repetitive Work Injuries

Repetitive stress disorders (also known as repetitive strain injuries) such as carpal tunnel syndrome, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) or tendinitis rarely come abruptly to the attention of suffering victims. Rather, a repetitive stress disorder more often develops gradually over time as the affected person engages in stressful motions at a computer keyboard or on an assembly line in a manufacturing environment.

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You Are Not Required To Pinpoint A Precise Date Of Onset Of A Repetitive Stress Disorder

Sometimes, workers are reluctant to step forward and make a workers’ comp claim for a repetitive stress disorder out of a misconception it is necessary to be able to identify the precise time the injury began.

In fact, you do not have to point to a date of injury for this type of malady. Instead, you will base your workers’ comp claim on the last date you were adversely impacted by your injury or condition.

Even If You Are Retired And Are Affected During Your First Year Of Retirement, You May Have A Workers’ Compensation Claim

Perhaps you are retired from delivery driving at UPS or from helicopter manufacturing at United Technologies, and your doctor tells you your knee injury, back injury or carpal tunnel syndrome is the result of the repetitive activities you were doing on the job. Even if you are retired or have gone on to another job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits as long as your repetitive stress disorder affected you at any time on or before the last day you worked with that injury.

Workers’ compensation law allows claims based on work occurrences and conditions that came to your attention within a year from the last time you were exposed to the circumstances that caused the injury. The sooner your lawyer has the opportunity to help develop your claim, the better.

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