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Is Connecticut Workers’ Comp Law Fair?

Workers’ compensation was conceived from its earliest days as a compromise, a balancing act between the rights of workers and the needs of employers:

  • Workers needed assurance that an injury on the job would not ruin them, that the employer would step in and pay for necessary health care, and provide financial support until the worker could return to work.
  • Employers needed to limit workers’ rights to sue when they were injured. Unlimited lawsuits would cause most businesses to shut down.

And so the system we know and love was created. At first, it was relatively simple, but over time it has become a regulatory monster. It is confusing and contradictory on paper. When you factor in the history of case law and legal precedents caused by tens of thousands of cases, Connecticut workers’ compensation is close to incomprehensible, even to legal experts.

A further complication is that workers’ comp is political. The law is continuously being amended, with many changes originating with insurance company lobbyists, who are always eager to make it harder for injured workers to collect compensation.

Does Workers’ Comp Keep The Promises It Makes?

The simple answer is, no. Your challenge is to overcome the inequities in Connecticut’s workers’ comp system — and the best to do this is to work with a law firm that knows the complexities and contradictions of the system inside and out.

Employers and insurance companies know that you are not likely, as a single individual, to take them on and win. But they have a very different attitude when they see a capable joining forces with you.

What’s A Fair Workers’ Comp Settlement?

Our attorneys will be happy to explain for you. Talk to lawyers Bob Sousa and Tom Minogue at Sousa & Minogue, LLC, of Shelton. Call 203-929-8347. Or jot down your questions using this email form.