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Administrative Hearings

For advice and information pertinent to your individual circumstances after a workplace injury in Connecticut, contact Sousa & Minogue, LLC, by phone or email. We offer injured employees free initial consultations with an experienced, proven-effective workers’ compensation lawyer.

Even if your injury at work clearly falls within the parameters of what workers’ compensation insurance carriers are supposed to pay benefits for, all too often these insurance carriers find loopholes by which to deny claims. In such a case, it is especially important to seek qualified counsel with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. We assist and advise workers’ comp applicants through all phases of a claim, including filing a claim and administrative hearings.

Make sure your rights are protected when you have your day in court at a Connecticut workers’ compensation administrative hearing. Enlist the assistance of a workers’ comp lawyer who will see you get what you are entitled to after a workplace injury: surgery, rehabilitation therapy, skin grafts or other treatments that your injury merits.

Our attorneys have helped recover tens of millions of dollars for injured UPS truck drivers, construction workers and other Connecticut employees who have been hurt at work.

Clients of the workers’ compensation and personal injury law firm Sousa & Minogue, LLC, come to us from all walks of life. Blue-collar workers, UPS truck drivers, construction workers, police officers, firefighters and professionals alike rely on the experience and dedication of the attorneys of Sousa & Minogue, LLC, to help them obtain the income replacement they need when they are no longer able to work after a serious jobsite injury.

If Your Claim Is Denied: We Represent Injured Workers At Workers’ Compensation Hearings

If your employer disputes your claim, we will need to prove your injury or disease is work-related by producing evidence at hearings (such as medical reports and statements by witnesses) to support your claim.

Allow an accomplished attorney at the law offices of Sousa & Minogue, LLC, to help you maximize income replacement through workers’ compensation hearings and other required administrative procedures. Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer to schedule a free initial consultation: 888-973-8204.