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Who Does The Road Belong To?

Roadways have a lot to do with car accidents. Bad weather can make roads unsafe. Nighttime, likewise, requires drivers to slow down and pay close attention to the road. Bad signage can be responsible for drivers making serious mistakes. A broken stoplight can lead to catastrophe. A deep pothole can cause a car to flip. Poorly marked bike lanes have resulted in horrific injuries.

When appropriate, we sometimes file claims against the municipalities in which an accident occurs. Many lawyers are quite competent in run-of-the-mill accident claims. But it takes experience and judgment to take on the governmental entity responsible for that stretch of highway.

Sousa & Minogue, LLC, has that level of experience. Attorney Bob Sousa of Shelton has many years of experience working both sides — as a personal injury lawyer and as first selectman (mayor) of the Town of Orange, Connecticut. Bob is respected by the towns and counties around the Valley. And he is appreciated by the clients he has obtained compensation for.

Determining Right Of Way

Who does the road belong to? Ultimately, it belongs to all of us. Governments can’t be blamed for every accident that happens. Theirs is not an easy responsibility. But there are occasions when they take too long to fix a problem or flat-out fail to provide sensible signage. When governmental entities are truly at fault, they can be held to account.

If you have been injured in an accident clearly caused by poor road conditions, call Sousa & Minogue, LLC, at 203-929-8347 — or drop us a line via this email form.