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You Can’t Sue The Dog — But…

If a dog or other pet bites or harms you, you can’t take the animal to court. But you can file suit against the owner of the animal, whose job it was to protect you from harm. The owner is especially liable when there is any negative history involving the dog.

Every year, residents in the Valley and the greater Bridgeport area have bad experiences with a dog that lives in the neighborhood or building. The dog and owner seem nice, but then the dog gets out of control. In seconds a dog can do terrible damage, particularly to young children. Survivors often require extensive surgery and still wind up scarred for life.

SETTLED! Negotiated settlement of dog bite case Seymour in the amount of $130,000

When the pet owner is insured, we target his or her insurance policy for damages. In some cases, we take the case to the victim’s own homeowner’s policy. Sadly, your own insurance company may drag its feet when it comes to keeping its promises to you.

Compensation For Dog Bites And Animal Attacks

Lawyers Bob Sousa and Tom Minogue have deep experience persuading insurance companies to write you the size of check you need to go forward with your life.

Dog attacks are the most common animal injury, but we have seen nasty cases involving cats, livestock and even petting zoo animals, too. In all cases, you are protected by the law, which holds owners responsible for damage done by their animals.

We’re sorry to hear about your bad experience. We can’t undo it at this point, but we can do what the law allows to make it right: obtain just compensation for the injuries you have received. Compensation can be sought for medical bills, time lost from work, rehabilitation, and the pain and misery you or your child has suffered.

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