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Knocked Down While Biking?

What is a biker’s greatest fear? Someone opening a car door and forcing them to drive into the door or into adjacent traffic.

Bicyclists are incredibly vulnerable on our streets and roads. A pothole can damage a car’s suspension, but it can send a bicyclist flying — and alter that biker’s future in a very negative way.

Drivers fail to see them in their rearview mirrors. Drivers turn right into bicyclists. Many drivers are indignant bicyclists are on the road at all.

Let Bob Or Tom Help You Back Up

Both Bob Sousa and Tom Minogue step up to protect the rights of injured bicyclists, wherever negligence plays a role: driver negligence, unsafe roadways or catastrophic failure of the bike itself.

Injured bikers are often unsure what the next step is. The next step is to talk to a capable bicycle injury lawyer like Bob Sousa or Tom Minogue. Insurance company adjusters will try to talk you out of filing a claim. Remember: They are protecting their interests, not yours.

You may not realize personal injury lawyers don’t cost you anything upfront. If we win for you, we are paid out of that settlement or verdict. Steer clear of any lawyer who asks for fees upfront.

Bicycle Accidents Are Deadly Serious

At Sousa & Minogue, LLC, of Shelton, Connecticut, we take biking accidents as seriously as any other kind. Injuries can include brain injury, loss of eyes, serious dental damage, fractured skulls and severe lacerations. Bicycle fatalities happen — we file wrongful death claims when they do.

Sousa & Minogue, LLC, is a respected firm here in the Valley. We fight for your rights but we play by the rules. If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a bike accident, talk to us. We will do a better job for you than a larger firm because we do all the work ourselves.

In the Bridgeport area, call the personal injury attorneys at Sousa & Minogue, LLC, at 203-929-8347, for a no-charge, no-obligation evaluation of your case for compensation.