Not All Accidents Are Accidental

We call any event in which a person is injured an accident. We use the two terms, injury and accident, interchangeably.

The problem is, we often use the word accident when no one is to blame for an event. “I’m sorry, it was an accident!” Something just happened. Two people bump into one another. No fault, no foul. It’s not nice to point fingers!

In personal injury law, however, we look deeper. If your brakes go out while you’re driving down a hill, you try to learn why they went out. Did your mechanic fail to reassemble the brake properly after a repair? Was there a defect in the brake’s manufacture or design? What if someone maliciously cut the brakelines?

If you can establish that the accident was in fact caused by the negligence of another party, you may be able to demand compensation in a court of law. And if it was done on purpose, or out of recklessness, you can demand even more.

That’s why personal injury law — one of the most ancient of legal concepts — is so important. Justice demands that people who suffer harm — the ancient word for harm is tort — are allowed to demand compensation from the party at fault.

Take away this idea of negligence, and there is no way to obtain justice. The powerful can do anything they want to the rest of us and we have to sit and take it.

This is why personal injury law is one of the cornerstones of justice. It applies to auto accidents, slip-and-falls, product failures and every other kind of negligence. It holds people accountable for acts of malice, acts of carelessness, acts of wrongdoing, even acts of omission.

That’s the business we are in at Sousa & Minogue, LLC, and we are proud of it. Pursuing a little thing called justice.

clients love us

When I injured my back at work my employer denied that my injury occurred at work. Because of this they would not pay me disability benefits and pay for my doctors’ bills. Since my back injury was so serious that it required surgery I could not work. My not having a pay check placed my family in a bad situation.

Although many of the issues in my case were complex, Attorney Sousa constantly met with me to explain what was going on with my case. He answered all my questions. Without the legal assistance I received from Sousa & Minogue, LLC , I do not know where my family would be today.

— Alfred S.

The law firm of Sousa & Minogue, LLC has represented me in my worker’s compensation claim as a result of injuries to my neck, back, shoulders and knees that I sustained while working as a truck driver for United Parcel Service.

— George B.

Around six years ago my wife and I were going through some severe medical conditions which were attributed to work related injuries. We had no money coming in and things were beginning to get pretty hectic. I didn’t know what to do.

When I came to Attorney Sousa I was in financial difficulties and had bill collectors chasing me all over the place. He was able to get me the money I needed and the surgery to fix me. I owe my life to Attorney Sousa.

— Robert and Elizabeth S.

I worked at UPS as a package car driver, while working, my truck was struck by another vehicle. The other driver was at fault. I sustained serious injuries, that with the assistance of great doctors and my family I have recovered from.

— Max T.

I have worked at Sikorsky Aircraft for over 32 years. As everyone knows who works there, our jobs are physically demanding and as a result we are often injured in the course of our employment. This is what happened to me. I injured my back while working.

— Ruth W.

I retained Attorney Sousa to represent me when I was injured at work. Initially I was concerned that if I pursued a claim I might lose my job. Attorney Sousa explained to me the law protected me from my employer discharging me because I filed a workers compensation claim.

— Bruno Z.

I worked for UPS at the Stratford terminal for fifteen (15) years as a package car driver. While working I sustained a number of serious injuries, injuries that required multiple surgeries and caused me to miss a significant time out of work.

— Brian L.

I was employed by the City of Stamford for over 25 years. During the course of my employment I sustained a serious injury to my back. I retained Attorney Sousa to represent me with respect to my workers’ compensation claim.

— Ronald C.