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Workers' Compensation Archives

Injured on the job? Here's what you should know

In the construction industry, a job-related accident has a high risk of occurrence. Every time you step on to the job site, you are in danger of falling in a hole or being hit by an airborne object. Imagine what would happen if the scaffolding gave out beneath you one day. The consequences could be devastating.

Beware of the danger of working in trenches

Construction workers and manual laborers in Connecticut who work in and around trenches should know about the on-the-job dangers to which they are exposed. During the past decade, according to data supplied by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average, 35 workers across the nation died in excavation or trench cave-ins each year.

What expenses does workers' compensation cover in Connecticut?

If you have recently suffered an injury at work, you may be wondering what benefits workers' compensation can offer you. Whether you suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident or lost a limb in a manufacturing environment, workers' compensation can help you during your recovery.

Workplace injuries in Connecticut higher than national average

According to recent statistics from University of Connecticut Health, work-related injuries and illnesses in Connecticut are more prevalent than the national average. Not only that, but it's been that way for the last seven years, and it's getting worse. Workplace injuries and illnesses have risen 8 percent since the previous year that statistics were available.

5 important facts about workers' compensation in Connecticut

Are you employed? Anyone who works in Connecticut should be aware that if they are hurt on the job, their wages are likely protected bv worker's compensation. Don't know what worker's comp is? Read on for five facts that can help you understand it better.

Connecticut In Top Half Of Workplace Illness Rankings

For the past seven years, Connecticut has had rates of work-related illness and injuries above the national average. While we have previously discussed the specific rate associated only with workplace injuries, a new examination of the statistics shows that rates of workplace illness are also well ahead of nationwide figures.

Employee or contractor? Four ways to tell the difference.

Distinguishing between a position as an employee or an independent contractor continues to be a problem in the workplace. The distinction is important, as employers are generally required to have workers' comp coverage for their employees.

The top hazards construction workers face

Construction workers face some of the most dangerous work conditions of the American workforce. This is because of the nature of their work with heavy machinery, tearing down buildings to make room for new projects and working where the site is being constructed. These conditions pose many inherent hazards because of being under construction. 

The aggravation of preexisting conditions

One of the most common reasons workers' compensation claims get denied is because the insurance company claims the injury was preexisting. In other words, they are saying the worker was injured before he or she even started the job, so why should they pay out workers' comp benefits?

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