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When should you take photos around a workers’ compensation case?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Documentation is key when it comes to proving your workers’ compensation case. This includes testimonials, text descriptions and photographs.

Due to federal and state laws, with regard to both labor and privacy, photographing around your workplace remains protected in some cases and not in others. It is important to understand how photographing your life, workplace and living situation impacts a workers’ compensation case.

Before an incident

If you notice unsafe working conditions, it is important to report them to your employer. Photographic evidence can go a long way to show the situation before and after your employer fixes things. If they do not resolve the safety issues, you have evidence for an OSHA claim.

During an incident

When an injury occurs at work, it is important to document as much as possible about the scene. This may involve pictures of machinery or even the injury in question. Clear photographic evidence may both help a compensation case and encourage safer changes in the workplace.

After an incident

It is important to limit sharing on social media during an investigation and your recovery. Pictures on the internet indicating that you feel better during recovery may help an employer argue that you no longer need support.

There are many aspects of a workers’ compensation case and it is difficult to reckon with all of your employee rights while dealing with an injury. When you seek financial support after an accident, there are resources available to provide information and guidance. With better information, you may be able to better navigate this complicated process.