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How can inattentive coworkers cause a scaffolding injury?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Whether someone is handling large construction tools to fix a platform or climbing up on a tall structure, working on a scaffold can put them in danger.

Some workers may also notice that actions their coworkers do can put them in unsafe situations. Knowing why inattentive coworkers are a danger is important if someone faces lasting injuries.

Falling items

According to the United States Department of Labor, one of the major issues people have on scaffolds is falling items that harm a worker’s head or neck. If a person is walking underneath an area where a coworker is using a hammer or screwdriver, a slip of the hand can send that item falling down onto them.

Coworkers who do not pay attention to other people around them or who rush to finish their tasks can contribute to this problem.

Poor scaffold assembly

When other coworkers assemble the scaffold a person works on, they may potentially forget parts or build the platforms wrong. If a person walks on this platform, the added weight will cause it to suddenly collapse.

Those who do not follow the instructions and rules set by the company and any other organizations that oversee the construction can fail to keep others safe.

Disobeyed safety rules

When carrying heavy items or operating large vehicles, coworkers need to take steps to ensure that people around them do not face back or head injuries due to a collision. Spinal cord trauma and brain damage can happen when some coworkers ignore or disobey safety rules in order to save time or energy.

Understanding the ways that coworkers put a person in danger can help those who are facing serious injuries at work.