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FAQ about workers’ compensation for seasonal drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Companies often hire temporary delivery drivers to cover short-term needs.

While these employees may only work for a short time, they can experience injuries just like permanent workers.

Are seasonal workers more likely to become injured?

Temporary workers have a higher chance of injury than permanent workers. Lack of training, limited experience, and the fast pace of the jobs contribute to the higher probability of injuries.

Does workers’ compensation cover injuries to seasonal drivers?

According to Connecticut laws, employers must carry workers’ compensation for all employees, including seasonal or temporary workers. Employees can receive workers’ compensation regardless of who or what contributed to the accident. The insurance may cover the cost of the following:

While many insurance companies offer a settlement for injuries, injured employees should consider the long-term effect of the injury. Once an injured employee accepts the final settlement offer, it is nearly impossible to seek additional damages in the future.

What are some common injuries of seasonal drivers?

Delivery drivers have several aspects to their jobs. They must navigate busy roads in large vehicles and run back and forth carrying heavy items for delivery. These unique work requirements leave room for several types of injuries covered by worker’s compensation.

  • Injuries arising from automobile accidents
  • Knee, back and shoulder injuries from improper lifting techniques
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Repetitive stress injuries such as ankle fractures, torn ACLs and plantar fasciitis

It is necessary to seek treatment immediately after any injury sustained on the job. Having documentation of the injury can help in case of future lawsuits.

Seasonal delivery drivers are vital for many businesses. Knowing that injured drivers can seek worker’s compensation might encourage employees to seek medical attention before they experience complications.