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How does hearing loss impact your psychological health?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Over time, loud sounds in the workplace can cause damage to your ears. In some instances, you might experience a gradual loss of hearing over time, whereas incidents with sudden, loud noises can cause acute injuries to the ear.

Loud machinery, aircraft and military combat can lead to hearing loss in workers. If you have to adjust to life with limited hearing after a workplace incident, your hearing loss may not be the only damage. Your mental health can also suffer because of hearing loss.

Frustration and denial after hearing loss

It is normal to feel frustrated after an accident results in hearing loss. Your hearing is one of the senses you rely heavily on throughout the day. With reduced hearing or a complete loss, you have to adjust to your new normal. You may find yourself denying the severity or permanency of your hearing loss. Anger can make it difficult to maintain positive relationships with those around you.

Sadness and depression following hearing loss

Signs of depression can include crying, altered sleep patterns and feelings of sadness. You may feel anxiety when you need to have a conversation or if your phone rings. Depression might make you avoid situations where you become aware of your hearing loss. Social withdrawal and isolation commonly occur with symptoms of depression.

While hearing loss can result in fatigue, the depression that follows can also cause you to feel more tired than usual. You may have limited energy levels to function in your daily life. Seeking help may help you recover both physically and emotionally.