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What are the dangers of a fall off a scaffold?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

When you climb on a scaffold during the work day, you may marvel at how high off the ground you are.

However, when there are issues with the assembly of the platform or your coworkers break safety rules, you could fall down. Dealing with particular injuries that happen because of unsafe scaffolds and workplaces can leave you with health issues.

Head injuries

According to the Center for Construction Research and Training, you may slip on another person’s tool left on the ground or trip because of a lack of proper guard railings surrounding you. When these kinds of incidents happen, you are likely going to fall directly a few feet below.

If you find yourself struggling to concentrate or stay upright in the days or weeks following a workplace accident, you could have brain and head trauma. The impact of your head on hard rocks could also cause a skull fracture.

Spinal cord trauma

Landing directly on your back after a fall can leave you feeling short of breath immediately after. Although you may assume there is no lasting damage, other symptoms can appear.

Trouble with urination, increased numbness in your limbs and strange pains that grow stronger over time can signal that you have a spinal cord injury.

Internal issues

The impact and severity of a fall can leave you with injuries that you may not see at first. Internal bleeding and organ damage can give you chest pains and cause you to vomit at an alarming rate. When you begin to sit up and move, you may notice that you feel weak and lightheaded.

Being aware of the various ways that a fall from a scaffold can cause injuries can help you after a problem at your workplace.