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How does the workers’ compensation system work?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation is an insurance that your employer carries, but it operates within a system run by the state. The state makes rules and regulations for the implementation of benefits.

The state also mandates which employers must carry the insurance, along with some other details.

The basics

The workers’ compensation system in Connecticut provides blanket coverage for all eligible employees. Your employer cannot make you give up your rights. It also covers almost every employee in the state, with the only exception of domestic workers that work under 26 hours a week. In addition, you never have to prove fault when submitting a claim. The no-fault system is an alternative to personal injury lawsuits, which saves you and your employer time and money.

Finally, workers’ compensation covers injuries and illnesses related to your job duties. You may file a claim as soon as you know about the injury or illness since some may happen over time.


Through workers’ compensation, you can get coverage for all related medical expenses. You will need documentation from your doctor to get coverage, but in general, you can expect the system to pay for every cost related to your injury.

You also may qualify for lost wage benefits. However, this process is a little different and has specific rules for when you qualify and how much money you can get. Workers’ compensation will only pay a portion of lost wages.

You always have the option to appeal any ruling by the system if you do not agree with it. Keep in mind that your injury or illness must relate to your job duties and occur while you are working for you to have a valid claim.