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Work-related carpal tunnel leads to 120,000 surgeries annually

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

When you work in certain types of professional roles in Connecticut, you face an elevated chance of developing work-related carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is the most common repetitive motion injury suffered by American workers. Today’s employers spend a hefty sum on workers’ compensation costs related to carpal tunnel. The condition also impacts about 120,000 people badly enough each year for them to need surgery to correct things.

According to OHS Online, carpal tunnel and other musculoskeletal disorders now account for more than 30% of all workers’ compensation claims filed across the United States. The condition also impacts about 8 million Americans. The average patient needs about 23 days to recover from his or her carpal tunnel injuries.

Who is at risk

You face a heightened risk of developing carpal tunnel if you work in an environment where you perform the same tasks again and again. For example, if you work on a factory or assembly line, you face elevated carpal tunnel risks. The same holds true if you spend the majority of your day sitting at a desk typing, or if you make your living as a seamstress, hairstylist or musician, among other professional roles.

How to mitigate risks

Many assembly line and other workers help mitigate their risks of developing carpal tunnel by consistently wearing gloves while performing work. Making other ergonomic changes, such as changing the height of a desk chair or keeping a computer monitor at a particular level, may also help reduce your risk.

Work-related musculoskeletal conditions are among the main reasons American employees miss work. A repetitive motion injury takes an average of 14 days longer to recover from than all other types of work injuries.