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Who will play a role in your workers’ compensation claim?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

When an incident at work results in an injury, you could feel surprised and unsure of what happens next. Filing a workers’ compensation claim in Connecticut requires immediate action to have the highest chance of using your benefits.

Knowing who to involve in your claim can help you optimize your resources and avoid mistakes. Relying on the help of others might also alleviate some of your uncertainty during a challenging time.

People at work

Depending on the circumstances, people you work with may have witnessed the incident that injured you. You might also know people who had knowledge of any hazards that could have contributed to your accident. Utilizing witness statements can corroborate your own story and sometimes strengthen your claim if you receive pushback from your employer.

You will also work closely with the people in your company’s human resources department. According to the State of Connecticut, Workers’ Compensation Commission, you will want to submit an accident report as soon as you can. The human resource department will facilitate your claim and should keep you actively updated on any progression.

People outside of work

After your injury, you will need medical treatment. The extent of this treatment varies depending on the severity of your injury. In dire situations, your injuries might require ongoing treatment and extensive rehabilitative therapies. You will want to regularly communicate with your medical team to acquire updates about your recovery. You can share these with your employer as you assess the likelihood of returning to work.

Dealing with a workplace injury and a workers’ compensation claim can have its challenges. Your legal team can help you identify your next steps as you prepare to file an accident report. With their help, you can feel less worried about missing important aspects that could jeopardize your benefits.