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What kinds of work situations can lead to spinal cord trauma?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

No matter where you work, you may face the dangers of a spinal cord injury and the pain that comes with it after an accident.

Learning more about how this happens can help you understand what steps to take for workers’ compensation if you become injured.

Falls and trips

According to the Mayo Clinic, people who work on construction sites or other physically intensive jobs run the risk of falling in some situations. Whether you fall from a few feet above the ground or you slip on water and fall on your back, spinal cord trauma can leave you struggling to stand or drive like normal.

In the days after the accident, you may not notice any major changes. Sometimes, spinal cord pain gets more noticeable as time goes on. You may feel a difference in the way you notice hot and cold sensations and how easy it is to breathe.

Vehicle crashes

Getting into a crash while driving a work vehicle, such as a truck, can leave you with severe pain in your neck and back. Another vehicle ramming into the side of your truck and giving you whiplash can put you at risk for a serious injury like spinal cord trauma.

Unsafe work vehicles that are not up to code may also impact the possibility of a crash. While you may be able to move initially after this, you could face problems if you do not receive medical help soon after. Being able to understand the issues with an unsafe work environment or an injury while on the job can help you know what to do next.