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How do you determine your workers’ compensation claim’s value?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

After hurting yourself on the job recently, you filed a workers’ compensation claim. Your employer honored your claim, but do you get fair compensation?

Chron explains how to value a workers’ comp claim. Make sure your employer accounts for all aspects of your claim and injury.

Lost wages

Usually, workers’ comp policies offer between 60% and 80% of an employee’s standard wages, tax-free. These wages include time spent traveling to medical appointments, time you take off work to attend appointments and time lost from your job. You may use vacation or sick days for your recovery. If so, that classifies as lost earnings, too. Make sure your physician notes the medical reason you missed work.

Medical expenses

To a limit, workers’ comp covers health care expenses related to your injury. These include medical procedures, dentist and doctor visits, diagnostic testing, hospital stays and prescriptions. Your treatment may require you to use a wheelchair, vehicle modifications, crutches or other assistive devices. If so, worker’s comp may pay for them. You could also qualify for coverage for acupuncture, counseling and pain relief therapy.

Pain and suffering

You could experience anxiety, stress, depression or similar mental health conditions connected to your injury. Workers’ comp insurance does not cover pain and suffering. If you want to recover those damages, you may need to sue your company rather than a workers’ comp claim. If you sue your employer, you may include lost wages and medical expenses damages along with pain and suffering.

Even if your company has workers’ comp insurance, it makes sense to cover all your bases to protect all your rights. By understanding the value of your claim, you gift yourself with peace of mind.