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Writing a report about your workplace accident

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Filing an accident report with your employer is the first step in acquiring the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. Procrastinating making a report could complicate the process of getting help and jeopardize your benefits.

Knowing what to include in your accident report can give you peace of mind that you have included all applicable details. A well-written report will carefully describe the situation and provide clarity to your employer.

Accident details

Describing the scene of your accident is more than a description of your injuries. According to Indeed, including a timeline of events that ultimately led up to your injury, as well as what happened in the moments and hours that followed can provide critical context.

Other details that are helpful to record may include the following:

  • Whether or not your accident involved coworkers
  • The reason your injury happened
  • The response of the people around you
  • The medical treatment you needed
  • Your accident’s impact on your ability to work

Suggestions for improvement

At the end of your report, you may also choose to include your suggestions for how your employer can improve the workplace to avoid similar accidents from happening to someone else. You can also request that your employer continue to inform you of what they plan to do to correct the situation and mitigate any remaining hazards.

Your accident report can play a thorough role in determining the outcome of your workers’ compensation benefits. Keeping a copy of the report for your own records is something you may want to do, especially if you choose to take legal action.