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Return to the workplace with vocational retraining

On Behalf of | May 2, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

While some people may become completely disabled after sustaining an injury, others may still be able to work. According to the Connecticut State Aging and Disability Services, workers’ rehabilitation allows people to receive job training so that they can transition to another line of work.

There are several steps in vocational retraining. Eligible workers usually undergo counseling and aptitude testing. People typically tailor the training for each worker.


According to the State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission, people can receive vocational retraining if their injury keeps them from doing their original job. They may also be eligible if their employer does not have another kind of work that they can do. Workers usually need to have medical documents that verify their inability to return to work. Additionally, people also need an approved workers’ compensation claim.

Vocational retraining process

When people first begin workers’ rehabilitation, they usually meet with a counselor. The counselor helps determine a worker’s capabilities and limitations. This person explains the options people might pursue and how they can transition to these jobs.

Sometimes, people may need to return to school to gain the skills they will need. This education may take up to two years. When this step is necessary, the vocational retraining program typically helps workers with their educational expenses. However, other people may be able to do on-the-job training. They may do their training with their company or with a different business seeking an employee with certain skills.

Workers’ rehabilitation services also offer job assistance when people finish their training. This includes tips about resumes and job interviews so that people can reenter the workplace as soon as possible.