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Mistakes to avoid after an accident on the job

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

After a job-related injury, workers may not know what to do or what options they have. 

Unfortunately, people often do not ask for help in this situation. Thus, they can make mistakes that could jeopardize the workers’ compensation benefits they may deserve.

  1. Failing to report your injuries: Workers might try to keep working after an accident, or they are too scared to tell their employer about their injuries. However, prompt reporting is crucial in avoiding complications in notifying insurance and qualifying for benefits. 
  2. Assuming you do not need medical attention: Failing to see a doctor for your injuries can result in a significant gap in the information insurance companies need to determine the extent of your damages and, thus, the eligibility for benefits. Even if it is not an emergency, seeing a doctor documents your condition and the nature of your injuries.
  3. Returning to work too quickly: People might go back to work even though they are in pain or at risk of making their injuries worse. Going back to work too quickly could mean that you do not qualify for workers’ compensation or lose them prematurely.
  4. Misunderstanding eligibility requirements: Employees may wrongly believe they are ineligible for benefits for several reasons, from thinking someone must be at fault to assuming they are not covered. But in many cases, these are inaccurate, so it can be crucial to understand some basic components of the workers’ compensation system in Connecticut.
  5. Giving up if your claim is initially denied: Filing a claim for benefits can be more complicated than people think. People leave out information, miss deadlines or make other mistakes with their application that result in a denied claim. However, even if your claim is denied, there are options to appeal that decision.

Navigating the workers’ compensation system as an injured employee can be frustrating and confusing, especially when it is on top of the doctor visits and treatment you need for your injuries.

However, knowing what mistakes to avoid can be a good place to start when faced with this situation.