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5 physicians you may see during your workers’ compensation case

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

One of the main components of your workers’ compensation case is receiving medical treatment. The State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission explains that you may see more than one physician after your work-related injury or illness. 

Here are the doctors who may contribute to your treatment. 

1. The employer’s attending physician

Your first visit to the doctor will be to the employer-designated health care facility or office. You should not refuse this initial treatment option, as doing so may put your benefits in jeopardy. 

2. Your own physician

After that first visit, you have the right to choose your own doctor to treat the injury or illness. However, you may have limited options. If your employer is a participant in a medical care plan that the Chairman’s Office has approved, then you must choose from the list of doctors on that plan. 

If your employer is not a participant in an approved plan, then you can choose any doctor licensed in Connecticut. This includes certain licensed alternative practitioners such as chiropractors and naturopaths. 

3. A new physician

You may choose to change doctors if your attending physician is not providing you with satisfactory care, but you must follow protocol by doing one of the following: 

  • Obtaining a referral from your current doctor 
  • Obtaining the approval of your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier 
  • Requesting a change in writing from the Workers’ Compensation Commissioner in the relevant district 

Regardless of which path you take, note that you must still choose a doctor from the list if your employer has an approved medical care plan. 

4. An employer’s/respondent’s physician

Your employer or its insurance carrier may request an Employer’s/Respondent’s Examination. The employer or insurance carrier chooses and pays for the doctor who performs this exam. You can have your own doctor present at your own expense if you wish. You must receive a copy of the report. 

5. An unbiased physician

If your doctor and the employer’s/respondent’s physician disagree significantly, The Workers’ Compensation Commissioner may choose a doctor for a Commissioner’s Examination. The goal is to receive an independent medical opinion that resolves the dispute and ensures that you receive the treatment you need.