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Connecticut workers benefit from the workers’ comp program

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

Work-related injuries form part of what Connecticut employers should cover as employee welfare. That also makes it necessary to have state workers’ compensation laws. These laws guarantee various benefits to workers injured while engaging in work-related activities and the process they should follow to get compensated.

According to the Workers’ Compensation Commission, injured workers can now reach out to them for help on any issue regarding their compensation. The commission will give them a 30 C form that they should fill and submit for review. Besides, it provides them with an information packet that can help them go through the process.

Among the benefits that injured workers can claim are rehabilitation services. These services aim at ensuring that he or she can get back to his feet and work for the state like before.

Some employers choose to insure their workers. The WCC has the responsibility of making sure these employers follow the prerequisites before approving their self-insurance applications. If approved, injured workers can claim medical treatment from employers.

According to this Act, injured workers also have financial benefits. As part of rehabilitation, the commission provides wages to the injured throughout the recuperation period. In cases of a severe injury that may lead to disability or death, their family members may be eligible to claim on their behalf. But the amount they should earn despite not working is left unmentioned.

Many injured workers seek the help of a professional to untangle the complications of the process so that they do not miss out on entitlements under the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Program.