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Workplace hazards that teachers may encounter

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | Firm News

People may be well aware of the job-related hazards that construction workers face, as well as others whose job duties involve manual labor or dangerous equipment. However, workers in all fields face certain risks on the job, including teachers. If you were injured while teaching at a school, it is imperative to explore the options that may be in front of you as you try to recover from the accident. Moreover, if you are a teacher, it is very important to be aware of these risks and try to prevent an accident.

From repetitive strain injuries due to writing for many years to slip-and-fall accidents, there are a lot of ways that teachers become hurt while working. Teachers may also be injured in unusual accidents, such as a large object falling on them or a teacher falling down a set of stairs in the school. Sometimes, these injuries are relatively minor, and teachers are able to recover in a short period of time. In other instances, an injury may be so serious that it leaves a teacher unable to work for months or prompts them to leave teaching altogether.

As with any workplace accident, teachers should look into their legal rights. They may be able to pursue workers’ compensation to help with their circumstances, and some may even decide to file suit if their injury was caused by another person’s careless and reckless behavior. On our website, we cover a lot of other topics that are connected to work-related injuries. Feel free to browse for more information if you are a teacher facing these issues.