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Work-related injuries due to traffic accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | Firm News

When many people think about workplace injuries, images of construction sites or office spaces may come to mind. However, it is imperative to recognize that many workers are hurt on the road as well. This does not just apply to truck drivers, taxi drivers and others who make their living spending a lot of time behind the wheel. In fact, people employed in many different fields may be hurt in a work-related traffic accident.

Sometimes, workers are asked to run errands (such as picking up lunch) or bring something to another location. Even though they do not typically drive while on the job, they may be asked to get behind the wheel on occasion. Many workers also walk alongside traffic or have to cross a busy street during their day at work. All of these situations can result in a traffic collision which leaves a worker with serious injuries or even results in the loss of life. Moreover, some workers, such as those who are involved in road construction, face the risk of being injured by a vehicle on a daily basis.

Job-related traffic accidents can be especially severe, and the injuries may leave a worker unable to go back to their job. Hospital bills, funeral costs and rehabilitation can be very expensive for injured workers and their families, and many other financial problems can result from these accidents. Workers’ compensation has been able to help many people work through these unimaginable hardships, and if you were involved in such an accident while performing your job duties it may be worth exploring.