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What should I know about Connecticut workers comp?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Firm News

If you have been injured during work in Connecticut and are looking into workers compensation, it is important to understand how the law in Connecticut may differ from other states. You, of course, want to be properly compensated for your injuries and want to ensure that the law is treating you fairly. According to the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, there are several key factors to understand about Connecticut workers compensation. 

The first is that workers’ compensation in Connecticut is governed by the Connecticut Workers Compensation Act. Under this Act, employees who have suffered work-related illness, injury, or death are guaranteed some level of medical care, survivor benefits, and protection against lost income. The Act grants the benefits whether or not the accident was the fault of the employee or the employer. 

Generally speaking, if an employee is eligible for worker’s compensation, they cannot sue either the employer or co-workers to gain more than what the Act states they shall receive. There can be exceptions to this, however.  

This act also encompasses all employment relationships that have been inter to in the state of Connecticut. Whether the employee is injured in Connecticut or not is of no consequence. 

Most of the time, employers deal with this by purchasing specific insurance to cover liability related to compensation. Most of the time, the insurance company will handle defending and processing any workers compensation claims through its own representatives. This means that the company in question does not directly deal with workers’ compensation. Despite this, employers are generally aware of the basics regarding workers’ compensation as they need to be able to work with the insurance representatives.