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3 hazards truck drivers must watch out for

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Firm News

Being a truck driver is a tough job. It requires long hours, often alone. It is physically and mentally demanding. There are plenty of hazards along the way as well. If you are a trucker in Connecticut, you may understand all the risks that come with the job. Some of the risks could even lead to injuries that end your career. 

That is why it is so important to make sure you are aware of the hazards that could be the most problematic. Arrow Truck Sales explains that there are many hazards in trucking that could lead to a serious injury that you can avoid if you only know what to look out for. Here are three of those hazards.  

  1. Sitting for hours

Part of the job is sitting behind the wheel and getting your truck from destination to destination. However, sitting for many hours at a time is detrimental to your health. Not only can it lead to issues with your skeletal system but there is also risk for eye damage and circulation issues. To prevent these injuries, you should always make sure that you wear UV-blocking sunglasses, reduce any vibrations and ensure your seat is ergonomic.   

  1. General road risks

Driving is a dangerous activity on its own. When you add in a large truck, it becomes even more dangerous. You have to do everything possible to avoid accidents. Make sure you follow all road laws. Observe road signs and warnings as well. Be especially careful during adverse road conditions.  

  1. Bodily injuries

From servicing your truck to loading freight, there are plenty of opportunities for you to injure your body in a serious way. Make sure when loading your truck that you follow safety standards for lifting. When working on your truck, follow all safety precautions and stay alert.  

Many career-ending injuries that occur in the trucking field are preventable. You just have to be aware and make sure you obey safe practices and laws that are in place to keep you safe.