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4 accident types most likely to kill construction workers

There are four accidents types that are most commonly associated with fatalities in the construction industry. Construction workers must be extra careful when they are working to avoid these types of accidents. If these four types of accidents were prevented, 545 worker lives could be saved each year in this country. These four accident types are falls, electrocutions, struck by objects, and caught in or between.


By far, the most common fatal accident in the construction industry is falls. These accidents cause just under 40 percent of fatalities in the industry. It is crucial for construction workers to have the tools and protocol in place to help prevent these falls as they work. Some of the things that can be done to prevent falls include using harnesses, ensuring that scaffolding is properly erected and maintained, and installing guardrails. In fact, guardrails are the only method used that will actually prevent the falls. Other types of fall prevention simply stop the worker from hitting the ground or other objects with the force that would occur with an unprotected fall.


Electrocutions account 8.2 percent of construction worker fatalities. One of the most common ways to prevent electrocutions is to use proper lock out, tag out procedures when working around electronic components. Keeping the circuit load on extension cords and other plugs is also necessary. Checking equipment for bare spots in the cords can also help to prevent electrocutions.

Struck by objects

Construction workers who are killed when they are struck by objects account for 8.1 percent of fatalities in the industry. This is one of the reasons why it is important for spotters to help keep an eye on what is going on near spaces where equipment is moving. Another factor that is included in this category is objects that fall from above and strike a worker. Ensuring that anything kept above head is properly secured and using safety netting to catch falling objects can help to prevent fatalities in this category.

Caught in or between

Caught in or between accidents lead to 4.3 percent of fatalities for construction workers. These accidents include incidents such as trenches collapsing and burying the workers. They also include workers who are crushed between heavy equipment and another object. Making sure that trenches and similar structures are properly braced and have the required exit routes can help to prevent these accidents. Remaining vigilant around heavy mac hinery and when operating that machinery can also help.

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