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3 things to know about repetitive stress injuries

Repetitive work injuries are serious. These injuries are not only painful, but will typically continue to worsen over time if left untreated, which is why workers need to report these injuries as soon as symptoms start to appear. These same workers should also keep in mind that repetitive strain injuries, also known as repetitive stress disorders, may qualify for workers' compensation.

Here are a few things you should know about repetitive stress injuries:

No. 1: Carpal tunnel is just one type of repetitive stress injury

When talking about repetitive work injuries, most people immediately think of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is one of the more talked about conditions, but is certainly not the only type of repetitive stress injury. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, repetitive stress injuries account for a third of workers' compensation claim payouts. And, while these injuries do affect many office workers, any type of worker who is repeating the same motion over and over again is at risk. This includes construction workers and factory workers, to name a few other professions.

No. 2: Repetitive stress injuries don't just happen over night

These injuries develop and become more serious over time. When you make the same type of movement over and over again throughout the day, such as typing for hours on a keyboard or working on an assembly line, you risk the development of a repetitive stress injury, including such conditions as tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

No. 3: Repetitive stress injuries may qualify you for workers' compensation

There are some misconceptions when it comes to what a qualifying claim is. All too often, people think they need to pinpoint the exact second an injury happened. However, this is just not possible with a repetitive stress injury, as these injuries tend to build over time.

The good news for those living in pain is that this is only a misconception, not fact. You do not need to know the exact second when an injury occurred in order to receive workers' compensation.

At Sousa & Minogue, LLC we represent those who have been hurt on the job, including workers with repetitive stress injuries. By sitting down and listening to our clients, we are able to provide them with more information related to any settlements, rewards or benefits they may be entitled to.

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