Compensation For Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Slip and fall sounds like something from a silent movie, but it is serious business. Hundreds of people are seriously injured every year in stores, public places, office spaces and apartment buildings.

Slip and fall goes by the legal name of premises liability. It holds that the owner of a property is obliged to provide a reasonably safe environment for visitors. So if you are a visitor at someone's place and you fall, you are cut, you breathe toxic fumes or you trip on a badly lit walkway, you may be due compensation.

Slip-and-fall accidents in the Bridgeport area can be fatal. Imagine a loved one being attacked in a parking ramp, plunging in a broken elevator car or crushed by merchandise piled too precariously on a store shelf.

These claims can be quite large when injuries are significant.

SETTLED! Negotiated settlement for client who slipped and fell
at Shelton Stop & Shop for $110,000

Not All Accidents Involve Owner Liability

If the owner has taken reasonable precautions to make his or her property safe, there is no negligence. But when negligence is present — as when a spilled liquid is not cleaned up and a customer slips and fractures his or her skull — compensation is probably due.

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